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Titan Stength and Power Eleiko USA Distributor Home Page

Ivanko Products

Plates Bars and Collars Complete Powerlifting and Weightlifting Set
vanko Olympic Bumper Plates (Economy)   Ivanko Olympic Plates (Economy)

Easy Grip. Easy on Equiptment and Floors. Available in Pounds or Kilograms.

Ivanko's rubber encased plate is just one example of starting with good ideas from the past and coming up with something better.

We covered this plate with our own proprietary rubber formulation which makes it softer on equipment and furnishings and easier to grip without slipping. Our unique sulfur-free rubber curing process also means no offensive smell in the air.

Coming up with better ideas is not just a process, it's an attitude - one of never being satisfied with the way things are, of always striving to give the marketplace something better.


  • IVANKO rubber encased Olympic plates using no recycled rubber.
  • Machined-drilled holes.
  • Plates are accurate, average weight +/- 2%
  • Packed on wooden pallet, or in a wooden crate.


  • Never needs painting, won't damage floors or equipment, reduces noise, will not chip or crack, low maintenance.
  • Will fit all 50mm diameter bars perfectly, Plates will fit perpendicular on bar. No plate slop due to oversized hole.
  • Consistent, accurate plates for correct balance and performance.
  • Easy to handle for loading and unloading. Plates are properly protected during shipping.

Mix and match. Price is per plate.

Call 1-800-627-3145 or Email for Special Pricing Offers!

Description (Pounds) Product Code Price
100 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-100 $260.00
45 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-45 $112.50
35 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-135 $87.50
25 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-25 $62.50
10 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-10 $26.40
5 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-5 $13.10
2.5 lbs Black Bumper Plate RUBO-2.5 $7.50
Description (Kilograms) Product Code Price
25 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-25KG $156.00
20 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-20KG $120.00
15 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-15KG $82.00
10 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-10KG $52.00
5 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-5KG $27.00
2.5 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-2.5KG $14.20
1.25 kg Black Bumper Plate RUBO-1.15KG $7.50

Call 1-800-627-3145 or Email for a Freight and Packing/Handling Quote.

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