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Titan Stength and Power Eleiko USA Distributor Home Page  
Titan Stength and Power Eleiko USA Distributor Home Page

Ivanko Products

Plates Bars and Collars Complete Powerlifting and Weightlifting Set
Ivanko Calibrated Painted Plates   Ivanko Calibrated Painted Plates (Competition)

Machine Calibrated. So You Know Your Lifts Are True.

Cast Iron Machined Painted Calibrated (Powerlifting) Olympic Plates


  • Precision calibrated (better than 10 gram accuracy)
  • Thin plate allow more weight on bar
  • Plates color coded for fast weight identification
  • Plates machined and Painted
  • International Powerlifting Federation (I.P.F.) approved

IPF Approved

Mix and match. Price is per plate.

Call 1-800-627-3145 or Email for Special Pricing Offers!

Description Product Code Price
50 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Green) CBPP-50KG $270.00
25 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Red) CBPP-25KG $156.00
20 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Blue) CBPP-20KG $132.00
15 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Yellow) CBPP-15KG $98.00
10 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Black) CBPP-10KG $70.00
5 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Black) CBPP-5KG $36.00
2.5 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Black) CBPP-2.5KG $22.00
1.25 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Black) CBPP-1.25KG $9.50
.5 kg Calibrated Painted Plate (Black) CBPP-.5KG $7.00
.25 kg Calibrated Plate (Stainless Steel) CBPP-.25KG $14.00

Call 1-800-627-3145 or Email for a Freight and Packing/Handling Quote.

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