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Dr. Ken   Eleiko USA Joins Powerlifting Watch
Eleiko USA is proud to provide sponsorship to one of the best and most respected powerlifting forums on the web, Powerlifting Watch.

Dr. Ken Joins Eleiko USA
Ken Leistner is an American strength training writer, personal trainer, strength consultant for the National Football League, and chiropractor. He is often known as "Dr. Ken". Starting in August, Dr. Ken will begin writing a series of articles about the history of powerlifting, weightlifting and strength training. Be sure to come back each month on the first to read new new installment.

More About Dr Ken:

Dr. Ken Leistner, for decades a concerned voice in the powerlifting community as a competitor, trainer, judge, national athletes' representative, and administrator, was the Feature Editor, monthly columnist, and the author of articles ranging from training advice to political commentary for POWERLIFTING USA Magazine. With over 1000 published articles in the area of strength enhancement and injury prevention and rehabilitation, Dr. Ken was asked to edit or rewrite the rulebook for two of Powerlifting's major federations.

A former high school teacher, administrator, and coach, he produced a significant number of Division One athletes in football and track and field at Malverne, N.Y. High School. Fortunate to personally train scores of high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes, including World Champion and 1996 400 Meter High Hurdles Olympic Gold Medal Winner Derrick Adkins, Dr. Ken and his wife Kathy, an Exercise Physiologist, have served as consultants to numerous university athletic programs and NFL coaching staffs.

While many in the sport know the Leistners through their Steel Tip Newsletter of the 1980's, many articles, and former ownership of the National and World Championship winning Iron Island Gym, Dr. Ken is as well known for his contributions to the Chiropractic treatment protocols first used at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and the design and prototyping of Nautilus and Hammer Strength equipment dating back to the early-1970's. Kathy Leistner has been honored for her professional photography work, especially in the lifting sports, and has won numerous awards for her work.

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