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Have Your School, Team or Gym Logo Engraved on Ivanko Weightlifting Bumper Plates and Dumbbells.

What do Pepperdine, Gold's Gym, Nautilus, Embassy Suites, Notre Dame, NY Mets, Hyatt, Dartmouth, Cardinals, SF 49er's, Penn State, BYU, The Luxur and Bally's all have in common? They all entrusted Ivanko to provide them with the world's best branded urethane coated plates and dumbbells for their facilities.

With only a 1000 pound minimum order, you can choose double sided logo engraving on our 45, 35 and 25 pound Ivanko 7-Slotted Urethane E-Z Lift plates. Order a full set (10 pairs) of our professional Ivanko Urethane Dumbbells and have your logo engraved on all four sides! We can also engrave our Urethane Barbells and Urethane E-Z Curl barbells!

Set Up Charges
Machinery Set-up charge $250.00  
PMS Color Match Charge $300.00  
Engraving Charges
OUEZ Ivanko 7-Slotted Urethane E-Z Lift Plate $20.00 Both sides
IUB Ivanko Urethane Barbells $10.00 Per bar
IUEZB Ivanko Urethane E-Z Curl barbells $10.00 Per bar
IUDB Ivanko Urethane Dumbbells $20.00 Per pair

Note: Engraving charges above are for a simple one color one cut logo.
If the logo is multi-colored, complex, or special design, higher engraving charges may apply.

Ivanko Logo Enbgaving Bars and Plates and Dumgbells

What Does Ivanko Need to Get Custom Urethane Plates Made for Me?

1. Email your logo in AI (adobe illustrator) format.or EPS image can be used if no AI exists. Please include PMS colors specifications at this time. Please also include a list of what size plates and dumbbells you would like from our OUEZ, IUDB, IUB, IUEZB Urethane line.

2. We will email you back a rendering of a completed 45 lb plate, along with a quote for the plates, artwork charge and any other concerns about the job. This should take about 1 week.

3. Upon final approval of the order, we will schedule your job and confirm an anticipated completion time for your order. Payment is expected before the work can begin, so delay in payment could mean rescheduling your order. Lead times will vary depending on the size of the order and how complicated the logo is to engrave. Lead times can range anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks or more on very large orders.

Lead Times and Plate Specs

  • Plates – Custom logo’s can be applied on 45, 35, and 25 lb. sizes only. The 10 lb., 5 lb., and 2.5 lb. sizes do not accept custom logos due to their limited space available for logo application.
  • Minimum quantity for a custom logo plate order is 1,000 lbs.
  • Dumbbells – Custom logos are applied to (4) sides.
  • Plates and Barbells – Custom logos are applied to (2) sides.
  • Minimum quantity for a custom logo dumbbell order is (1) set, 10 pair. dumbbells (1) set, 10 pieces.
  • Lead-time varies according to how complicated logo is. Please allow up to (8-10) weeks for custom logo lead-time to be confirmed after custom logo is approved.

Learn more about Ivanko or check out our complete line of Ivanko powerlifting and weightlifting products

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