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We Proudly Carry the Best Powerlifting and Weight Training Bars and Plates in the World.

Best Prices. Fastest Delivery.

Buy From Those in The Know.

There are dozens of brands and an even larger number of retailers to buy your powerlifting and weight training equipment from. You want to buy the best from the best, but whom should you trust?

Titan Strength and Power is your source for all your Ivanko power lifting and olympic weight training needs. We have the best prices, the largest stock, the best delivery times, and the most competitive freight fees. We can handle single set orders for your home gym or supply an entire university or professional sports team training facility.

This isn't just a business. Our parent company, Titan Support has been an industry leader for over 25 years. Our founder Pete Alaniz is a long time powerlifter himself. So when you choose us to supply your equipment needs, you're not just getting a great product, you're getting decades of experience and knowledge of the sport, combined with an unmatched reputation.

That means you get a straight deal. No hidden fees or surprise freight charges. We don't lure you in with fantasy prices just to hit you with exorbitant delivery fees like some discount retailers do. And if there is a problem with your order, you can be confident that it will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. We've been around since the sports infancy and we're not going anywhere.

So when your looking for the best equipment from world leaders like Ivanko, buy from those in the know. Titan Strength and Power.

Ivanko Logo

Proudly Made in the USA

Founded in 1967 by Tom Lincir , is a world leader of professional and
commercial grade plates, bars, barbell and dumbbell products worldwide. In fact , if you've ever competed, you've probably used their equipment.

Starting with the invention of the now industry standard compression ring collar, Ivanko continues to innovate in all areas of competitive lifting. Our innovations in urethane coatings have resulted in unsurpassed quality and durability in our bumper line.

So trust Ivanko to deliver bars and plates so accurate and durable that you may need to put your beloved weightlifting set in your will.

Learn more about Ivanko or check out our complete line of Ivanko powerlifting and weightlifting products

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